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Happily, it turns out that the Black and White Spider Awards nominated me for (3) of my images, not (2) as I first thought, from a field of over 8,500 international entries. Thanks Black and White Spider Awards! This release says it all. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS HONORS PHOTOGRAPHER WM. STETZ FROM […]

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What a dRAg !!

Copyright?… RIGHT. Copyright infringement is about educating the dull-minded and the opportunist about the value of the work of others. As a shooter I have studied copyright law, heard it discussed and lectured, been on the ‘hurt side’ of organizations and individuals using my work uncredited and unpaid, been wrongly sued for copyright — and […]

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Current work is old work. I’ve spent some months scanning older images for preparation of a book. I’m glad to be doing this long-needed update to my website and my portfolio. I invite any input. The method of this review dredges up old feelings and gives me a look at my past through the perspective of […]