CHICAGO — In Few Words


s an expression of my admiration for the city where I lived and simultaneously as a portrait of what I saw as glimpses of a fleeting cityscape, I took pictures for self expression and documentation. Photographed in Chicago between 1970 and 1990, most of these images — 90% or more — were shot in the years 1974 to 1977 and represent a subset of a much larger work that I call, “CHICAGO — In Few Words.” Part historical and part whimsical as described to me in a recent review, they show my personal view, my love for the city and its people and my capture of what was. In these are the place of Chicago, some of the people of Chicago and a germ of what Chicago is today.


12″x12″, hardbound, lay-flat binding. TEXT: Introduction, inside front cover flap, technical info and colophon. 80 pages, 80# cover, semi-gloss. NOTE: All images below are not necessarily included in the book.


Collectible, fine art, limited edition prints are available by special order.


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Chicago – In Few Words, book by William Stetz

Chicago – In Few Words, by William Stetz