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Pictures on the Radio – William Stetz

  Pictures on the Radio An exhibition of pictures becomes a show of words on the airwaves.  All the views are of singular souls.  These are some of my portraits. Celebrities; non-celebrities;  nudes; a reclusive, reluctant neighbor; the long-gone endearing grandmother fretting over her grandson’s future; an atypical displaced street person; Clint, Spielberg; Frankenheimer; the […]

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What a dRAg !!

Copyright?… RIGHT. Copyright infringement is about educating the dull-minded and the opportunist about the value of the work of others. As a shooter I have studied copyright law, heard it discussed and lectured, been on the ‘hurt side’ of organizations and individuals using my work uncredited and unpaid, been wrongly sued for copyright — and […]

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Soul Exposures

The Risk Press Gallery exhibited ‘Soul Exposures.’ This 2005 show was my first Melrose Avenue exhibition, produced sales and popularized the Athens portrait, “Stavros.” One of the ‘Stavros’ silver prints was sold strictly through the promotion of the exhibit before the doors ever opened. Comprised of personal and commissioned portraits of known and otherwise unknown persons, […]